Diageo brings the best of luxury Scotch whisky to Korea with the launch of Johnnie Walker House in Seoul, its third worldwide

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Presenting luxury Scotch whisky…


Johnnie Walker, the world’s number one Scotch whisky, is opening the JOHNNIE WALKER HOUSE™ Seoul, Diageo’s third global embassy for luxury Scotch whisky. Located in the capital of one of Asia’s most affluent and culturally influential cities, the JOHNNIE WALKER HOUSE™ Seoul resides in the luxury retail district of Cheongdam, an area known for leading-edge fashion and lifestyle trends.

Like its sister properties in Shanghai and Beijing, opened in 2011 and 2012 respectively, the JOHNNIE WALKER HOUSE™ Seoul is expected to provide consumers with bespoke experiences to immerse themselves into the world of whisky and Johnnie Walker. It will bring together traditional craftsmanship and modern technology to create highly engaging experiences for our guests to grow in their appreciation for whisky.

Gilbert Ghostine, President, Diageo Asia Pacific said, “We are delighted to launch our third JOHNNIE WALKER HOUSE™ concept in Korea. As sophisticated consumers of luxury, we know that Korean consumers are looking for brands that have true heritage, craftsmanship and exceptional quality. These can all be found in the JOHNNIE WALKER HOUSE™ Seoul with our limited edition rare Scotch whiskies, custom designed whisky dinners, and other exclusively-Korean, modern whisky offerings.”

Mr Ghostine added, “Being the largest Scotch and Super premium Scotch market in Asia Pacific and with a growing luxury market, Korea was the clear market to expand the Johnnie Walker House footprint and to help us strengthen our lead in Scotch whisky. This is also in line with Diageo’s strategy to invest in new and growing opportunities with luxury consumers.”

Trendsetting A Luxurious Whisky Culture

Johnnie Walker has been enjoyed in Korea since 1949, and the JOHNNIE WALKER HOUSE™ Seoul will bring the best Scotch whisky from Scotland to discerning Korean consumers, who are known for their cultural influence in Asia.

At JOHNNIE WALKER HOUSE™ Seoul, we look forward to collaborating with Korean influencers in the creation of a whisky culture that is distinctively Korean and has global appeal. To further foster this whisky culture, we will train and inspire bartenders through the World Class Academy to create new whisky signature cocktails and service rituals so that these experiences can be enjoyed in outlets around Korea.

A Bespoke Whisky Experience

The JOHNNIE WALKER HOUSE™ Seoul will offer exclusive ‘by invitation only’ events, such as whisky pairing dinners and mentoring sessions at the VIP Lounge and lifestyle events at The Sky Bar and The Distillery. It will also feature exclusive products, such as 1949 – a unique limited edition blend that commemorates the first year that Johnnie Walker was available in Korea; Zodiac – a series of Johnnie Walker Blue Label featuring animals from Asian mythology and the Korean National flower (Mugunghwa), and Signature Blend – a bespoke cask of whisky created by our Masterblender to suit the individual’s taste preferences.

A winning platform to grow super premium Scotch whisky

JOHNNIE WALKER HOUSE™ is a bold statement of our leadership in super premium Scotch whisky. The concept started in Shanghai as an experiment in finding new ways to engage with whisky consumers and showcase the brand’s history, provenance, heritage, and pioneering spirit. The JOHNNIE WALKER HOUSE™ Seoul aims to replicate the success we have achieved in engaging local luxury consumers through innovative ways of showcasing and appreciating Scotch whisky.

A Customised Luxury Whisky Experience

Set over six floors, the JOHNNIE WALKER HOUSE™ Seoul provides guests with distinctive and exclusive luxury whisky experiences from customised retail, bespoke blending, whisky and cocktail classes and whisky bar culture. The JOHNNIE WALKER HOUSE™ Seoul is dedicated to providing every single guest with an unprecedented luxury whisky experience.

The different sections of the House include:

  •  The Blending Suite, where visitors can use a unique blending table to identify the subtle aromas of whisky and a customization area to select a bottle of Johnnie Walker and create bespoke pieces through engraving, packaging, or wrapping. This is also the only place in Korea where the fortunate few can create their own Signature Blend of Johnnie Walker, skilfully crafted by our Masterblender
  • The World Class Academy, a training school for consumers and Korea’s best up-and-coming bartenders
  • The VIP Lounge, where esteemed members of the JOHNNIE WALKER HOUSE™ Seoul can enjoy one-of-a-kind whisky & dining experiences created exclusively for the JOHNNIE WALKER HOUSE™ Seoul
  • The Sky Bar, a rooftop space where guests can take a break from their hectic everyday life in Seoul
  •  The Distillery, where invited guests can attend locally curated events featuring World Class guest bartenders

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