GEA Heat Exchangers launches its new country website for China, one of its largest sales markets

Posted: 5 September 2013 | GEA | 1 comment

China is the most important industrial country in Asia and is a locomotive for global growth…

China is the most important industrial country in Asia and is a locomotive for global growth. This is why GEA Heat Exchangers, with its six locations in China, places such importance on exceptional proximity to its customers there. But not only that: GEA Heat Exchangers has likewise launched its new website for China in accordance with this strategy, and offers its users product information in Chinese and English, tailored to the Chinese market. The site will picture and offer only those GEA products that are marketed in China. Local news that is relevant only for the region of China will also find its place there. The English version of the China site will be oriented to the export business in the region and will be directed to interested businesspeople who do not speak Chinese. The customer needs only a few clicks to find his or her responsible local contact partner, as well as the product information needed.

Christoph Michel, Segment President GEA Heat Exchangers: “With our new country-oriented website and its content oriented to this market, we are supporting our business in one of the strongest growth regions of the world, which means we can react to regional requirements. We want to assure closeness to our customer as well as top local service quality. Corporate presentation effectively adapted to market conditions is an essential part of our customer support efforts and contributes to future-oriented further development of our business.”

The new GEA Heat Exchangers Segment website has been online for China since early 2013. Until now, it has offered a global English-language country page, as well as a German version. In addition to the new China country site, further local sites are already in preparation. By the end of 2013, there will also be a Russian and a French Web offering.

Ten years ago, many heat exchangers for the Asian market were still being imported from Europe. Today, imported products are effective only for small niches on the Asian scene. For years now, GEA Heat Exchangers has invested in its Chinese locations. Our plant in Wuhu, which is one of our largest production locations and is situated around 360 km west of Shanghai, has undergone enormous development over the past years. During 2011 and 2012, the shop floor there doubled in size, now at over 40,000 m². Michael Hubensteiner, President GEA Heat Exchangers China: “For the majority of the products, we have already reached extensive local creation of added value.” For export to the other countries of Asia, product quality also plays a crucial role: “Here we can take good advantage of the fact that we had invested in good machine tools at all HX locations in China. As a result, we can produce in China with the same good quality as in Europe.”

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