Candurin® pearl effect colors from Merck make the difference

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At Food Ingredients Europe Merck will showcase its Candurin® pearl effect colors…

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Food and beverage manufacturers looking for something unique should make sure they attend the Food Ingredients Europe taking place from November 19 to 21, 2013 in Frankfurt am Main. At this leading trade fair for food ingredients in the European food and beverage market, Merck will open its jewelry box and showcase its Candurin® pearl effect colors with their wide potential for innovative product design and differentiation. Leading manufacturers of sweets, ice cream and beverages rely on Candurin® pearl effect colors to enhance the value of their products and differentiate them from competitors. As the inventor and technology leader in pearl effect pigments for food and pharmaceuticals, Merck provides outstanding safety and quality, and caters to the market with real eye-catchers – irresistible and unmistakable.

All facets of temptation – Merck GMP Quality Made in Germany & USA

Whether the tempting sparkle of ice cream, cool impression of chewing gum, exquisite decoration of chocolates, refreshing color of fruit gums, fine glitter of pastries, or transparent shimmer of trendy beverages: Candurin® pearl effect colors offer all facets of temptation. The portfolio comprises silver, gold, red, bronze and interference colors, imparting a subtle gloss or fascinating sparkle, for example. All Candurin® colors are mineral and non-artificial, which enables food manufacturers to apply the label “no artificial colors” to their products. Candurin® pearl effect colors are based on natural silicate, fulfill international safety standards for food and pharmaceuticals and are produced according to Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) in Germany and the United States. Candurin® pearl effect colors have an excellent light and thermal stability and can be easily incorporated into a wide range of formulations – even those already containing other colorants.

A clear advantage – with outstanding potential for differentiation

Candurin® Gold Sparkle, Candurin® Silver Sparkle and burgundy-red Candurin® Red Sparkle are particularly glamorous. Thanks to their special particle size, the pearl effect colors have a brilliant glitter that opens up a wide array of design options, making unique, eye-catching products possible. For this, Merck was recognized by Frost & Sullivan in 2011 with the prestigious “Global Food Colors Product Differentiation Excellence Award”.

A precious treat for the eyes and senses

Visitors to the Food Ingredients Europe in Frankfurt am Main will find Merck at Stand 8J87. There they can admire and enjoy sophisticated creations with Candurin®. Exclusively for trade fair visitors, Merck will be coating ice cream with the tempting Candurin® pearl effect colors.

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