Diageo partners with China Women’s Development Foundation to launch ‘Diageo Plan W Fund’ in China

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Diageo announced the launch of the Diageo Plan W Fund along with its partner the CWDF…


Diageo, the world’s leading premium drinks business, today announced the launch of the Diageo Plan W Fund (The Fund) along with its partner the China Women’s Development Foundation (CWDF) at a ceremony at the Great Hall of the People. The Fund will support women in China by providing them with a wide range of learning opportunities designed to improve their social and economic status.

Diageo China plans to donate RMB one million to the Fund every year over the next five years for a total of RMB five million, directly and indirectly benefiting an estimated 100,000 women across China. Diageo will work with the CWDF to design and implement training and employment programs to support Chinese women in need. During the first year of the program, the Fund will provide vocational training to 1,000 women in Jiangsu and Sichuan provinces. In addition, printed and online training resources will reach a much broader audience. It is estimated that about 20,000 women each year will benefit from this initiative.

While women play an important role in society, their contributions are not often reflected in their social and economic status. Too often women suffer from discrimination, inequality and lack of opportunity. According to a survey carried out by the Chinese Women’s Research Society in 2010, groups that include unemployed women, migrant women, landless female farmworkers and single female parents now make up the majority of ‘the new poor’. The Fund will target such groups to address these shortcomings and have a positive impact across communities. Because women often have dependants, benefits are also likely to trickle down through the “multiplier effect”; as the saying goes, “Lift one woman out of poverty and she’ll bring four more people with her [out of poverty]”.

“Diageo has long been committed to supporting local communities in China, whether through skills training for social entrepreneurs, water access for needy rural communities, disaster relief, or alcohol harm-reduction programs. Today we are placing greater emphasis on women and their empowerment. Women already represent half of our workforce in China and their continued development and growth is key to the success of our people and our business. We hope that the Fund will provide women across China with similar opportunities to grow. We are very excited to partner with the CWDF; the program will greatly benefit from their expertise and extensive national network to deliver reach and scale throughout China” said Lin Menuhin, Corporate Relations Director, Diageo Greater China.

“We really appreciate Diageo’s commitment to support Chinese women through the Fund,” said Qin Guo Ying, Secretary-General of the China Women’s Development Foundation. “Diageo’s Plan W initiative recognizes the socio-economic potential that women represent and we are confident that our five-year partnership will help many Chinese women acquire the skills they need to achieve more fulfilling and rewarding lives.”

The Fund is part of Diageo Asia Pacific’s US$10 million regional initiative, Plan W, which aims to empower two million women through learning across 17 Asia Pacific countries by 2017.

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