Novel R&D PEF systems from SteriBeam

Posted: 8 April 2013 | SteriBeam | No comments yet

SteriBeam has developed novel bench-top semi-automatic and fully automatic PEF systems…

For R&D in non-invasive sterilization of liquid foods, juices and pharmaceutical liquid products, as well as for extraction of nutrients from vegetative cells, SteriBeam developed novel bench-top semi-automatic and fully automatic PEF (pulsed electrical field) systems.

These systems have many advantages as to conventional PEF systems. One is having two processing chambers: one for liquids and another one for shred and jell products, as well as for meats tendering. Another advantage is a wide range of variable operating parameters: strength of electrical fields, pulse energies /pulse currents, pulse durations, pulse shapes and pulse repetition rates. Its values range from the most common to the latest most advanced pulse parameters. Such a versatile PEF system will present an opportunity for a researcher to get on the cutting edge of the PEF technology in finding optimal operating parameters for non-invasive sterilization or extraction for pilot or industrial PEF installations. These R&D PEF systems are the least expensive on the market, yet have the highest performance to price ratio.

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