Pesticide residues analysis in food

Date: 25 October 2022 - 25 December 2022

Date: On-demand

Venue: Virtual 

Find your perfect pesticide residues testing workflow with this on-demand webinar series.

Sample preparation and IC-MS
Session 1: Sample extraction is the start of any analytical chromatography process and in food this can be more than a little challenging, discover some tips and tricks with QuEChERS to help you get ahead.

Session 2: Covering anionic polar pesticide analysis for glyphosate, AMPA, glufosinate etc utilizing ion chromatography with mass spectrometry, which is now included as a EURL-SRM, as well as introducing the cationic pesticide workflow for the 4 major quat pesticides including complete resolution of paraquat and diquat.

Sample preparation automation and GC-MS
Session 1: The potential of robotics in sample preparation cleanup, dilution, and calibration standards. Fast, efficient, and time-saving solutions for pesticide residues testing.

Session 2: Pesticide residues in baby food by GC-MS. Giulia Riccardino, Senior GC/GC-MS Applications Specialist, Thermo Fisher Scientific highlights the new GC-MS/MS system.

Pesticide residues analysis by LC-MS
A straightforward way to improve productivity in contract analytical laboratories is to double your testing capacity. Presented by Łukasz Rajski, Product Specialist, Thermo Fisher Scientific.

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