The future for food and drink labelling in the UK

Date: 3 October 2022 - 5 November 2022

This conference is an opportunity to examine priorities and assess next steps, with new political leadership in government and indications of a major reassessment of policy relating to food and health.

Overall, sessions in the agenda will bring out latest thinking on:

  • Policy – the landscape for food and drink labelling in the UK – issues for the food and drink industry – priorities for consumers and public health
  • Key developments – nutritional labels and in-store restrictions – production standards – transparency and traceability – allergy labelling and consumer safety
  • Out-of-home settings – consumer responses to calorie labelling – impact on the sector – priorities going forward
  • Innovation – next steps for clarity and transparency – keeping pace with new products and priorities – supporting consumer choice, health, standards, and waste reduction
  • The global context – country-of-origin rules – quality and product traceability – environment and animal welfare standards – future trade deals – government policy under the new PM
  • International commercial agreements – priorities for trade partnerships – coordination of food and drink standards – prospects for consistent labelling requirements

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