Recent Advances in Food Analysis (RAFA)

Date: 5 September 2022 - 5 November 2022

Date: 6th – 9th September 2022

Prague, Czech Republic

Visit the Merck booth at the 10th International Symposium on Recent Advances in Food Analysis (RAFA)

 RAFA 2022 will provide an overview of contemporary trends in analytical & bioanalytical strategies in food quality and safety control and discuss challenges and novel approaches in food and natural products analysis. The following recent & emerging issues will be addressed within the RAFA 2022 sessions:

  • Multi-omics in food analysis
  • Food fraud, forensics and authenticity
  • Organic crops & foodstuffs
  • Bioactivity determination and identification
  • Micro- and nano plastics in food Human biomonitoring and exposure assessment
  • Portable on-site food analysis
  • Food legislation and food control
  • QA/QC & Chemometrics & Big data handling
  • Mycotoxins, marine and plant toxins in a changing climate Process-induced contaminants
  • Pesticide & veterinary drug residues Environmental contaminants Emerging alternative proteins: allergens and other issues
  • Metals & metalloids & speciation Healthy nutrients & vitamins
  • Cannabinoids in food and supplements
  • Flavours in food engineering


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