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HQTS- Your Quality Control Company

HQTS provides quality control inspections, factory audits, supplier evaluations, consumer product testing, production control and management, and quality control consulting throughout greater Asia.

Backed by the industry knowledge and experience of nearly 1,500 professionals, in more than 20 countries, HQTS is well-suited to be your partner in quality.

As a GAFTA certified member, HQTS is a global quality assurance leader delivering quality solutions for consumer and industrial products and accredited by CNAS against ISO17020 and ISO17025. We provide best-in-class inspection, auditing, testing, and consulting services throughout Asia. Some of the food services we provide include:

  • Agriculture: vegetables, fruits, soybean, wheat, rice and grains
  • Seafood: frozen seafood, refrigerated seafood and dried seafood
  • Artifactitious food: processed grains, dairy products, meat products, seafood products, instant foods, frozen drinks, frozen foods, potato crisps and extrusion snacks, candy, vegetables, fruits, baked foods, edible oil, flavourings, etc.

It has been said that trust is hard to earn and easy to lose. This has never been truer than in today’s consumer goods market. When a consumer buys your product, a promise has been made in terms of form, function and usability. Keeping that promise is the cornerstone to your success.

With product recalls and compromised quality at historically high levels – HQTS can help you stand out from the crowd by making sure to keep that promise through our comprehensive quality control solutions.

Recognized in the industry for our best-in-class training and robust ethical standards, HQTS quality assurance, testing, and inspection solutions deliver you the peace of mind and confidence that your products meet your exacting quality standards and align with customer expectations.


HQTS is made up of four business-specific divisions and regions.

Inspections – Quality Control Inspections, Testing, and Consulting. They are a company based in Fuzhou China with offices in Shanghai, New Delhi India, Brazil, German, Poland, Russia and the USA.

Testing – Consumer products testing lab based in Hangzhou. This company was formed as a joint venture with USA based QA International Inc. We perform chemical, functional, safety and packaging testing for consumer goods at our 80,000 sq ft lab. We also have a separately owned lab exclusively for footwear testing in Dongguan China.

Sorting Inspections – piece by piece sorting inspections, metal detection and repackaging for customers who manufacture high-end products that require zero defects. We operate our own facilities in Shanghai and Jinjiang China, as well as Cambodia. We can also provide in factory services.

Domestic Market – exclusively focused on providing quality control services for Chinese manufacturers, suppliers and buyers. We support the growing demand for quality products in the China market with the technical services to assist manufacturers in delivering quality products.


HQTS was founded in 1987 as a division of Fujian Inspection and Research Institute (FCII) for Product Quality. FCII was a research and testing facility accredited for testing more than 2,000 types of products. This division handled all the contract quality control inspection work, both domestic and foreign, for FCII.

Prior to China joining the WTO, foreign companies could not operate in China. So, they sub-contracted their QC to local companies in China, of which HQTS became one of the largest. This resulted in HQTS being spun off as a separate wholly-owned company in 1995, to focus exclusively on sub-contract inspection services for international companies.

In 2003, key executives began transitioning away from sub-contracting services to being a direct provider. It was at this time we also founded our consumer product testing laboratory as a joint venture with USA based QA International.

By 2010 HQTS was completing thousands of quality control inspections per month. In addition, our testing business was rapidly expanding and became accredited to test against all major global import regulations and ISTA package testing. Since that time our growth has been explosive, and we have expanded QC operations to all of Asia. Today we are proud to provide quality control services for some of the most well-known brands in the world.

Our mission, vision and values:
It is our mission to be the most competitive and trusted quality control provider in the world.

Our core competencies in quality control inspections, factory audit and supplier evaluations, and consumer product testing are constantly being improved to ensure we provide the best-in-class services to you. Our passion to consistently deliver the highest in standards of service is what defines us.

Integrity, passion, and innovation are among the core values we continually strive for and which inform all aspects of our business.

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