eBook: How colour impacts the food and beverage experience

The human ability to see colour undoubtedly serves a purpose. In this informative eBook from Givaudan, colour is put under the microscope as we consider the ways in which it impacts the food and beverage experience.

Embark on a vibrant journey with Givaudan‘s latest eBook, which unravels the captivating role of colour in the world of food and beverages.

Colour contributes significantly to the pleasurable and emotional experience of eating and drinking alongside other visual cues such as size, shape, packaging and labelling. However, it also serves as a gateway for perceiving, identifying and making decisions about food products.

In this informative digital book, you will discover how hues guide us in choosing the perfect food sources, discerning ripeness and even detecting potential hazards. You will also delve deeper into the connection between colour and flavour intensity, uncover the language of emotions woven within shades and explore the myriad ways in which colour enriches our culinary experiences.

Download the eBook today to find out more about:

  • Colour as an integral factor for food choice and its purpose for the detection and selection of appropriate food sources 
  • The influential impact that colour has on flavour and taste intensity and the way that humans interpret chemosensory information
  • Colour and its other gustatory attributes, including triggering subjective descriptions that adjust the quality of the gustatory process.

This useful tool is packed with illuminating case studies and scientific insights from Givaudan. Begin your colourful exploration into food and beverages by downloading today!