Guide to Testing: Get up to date with the latest innovation

Read about the key topics impacting food and beverage testing labs in our latest Guide to Testing supplement.

Issue 3 2023 of New Food once again features our annual Guide to Testing, featuring contributions from Bio-Rad, Bruker, Co2 Meter, Whirl-Pak, Nemis, and Shimadzu. 

Written by experts from leading companies in the testing industry, this guide provides you with the knowledge and insights you need to make informed decisions about your testing needs.

  • Mike Clark and Giuseppe Tosto of Bio-Rad explain how the company’s new ID Check Speciation Solution battles against mislabelling serious cases of food fraud.
  • Stephen Goldman reveals the many gaps that need to be filled in regulating the cannabis product industry.
  • We look at why MAP testing might be necessary to validate the mixture of gases inside sealed containers of food and drinks.
  • NEMIS Technologies AG discuss taking a transparent approach to assess the capabilities of the N-Light™ Listeria monocytogenes test.
  • Colleagues from The Institute for Global Food Security share promising results from a study to refine their approach to authenticity testing using data fusion.
  • Whirl Pak reflects on sustainability in collection and analysis processes.
  • Shimadzu outlines its fully automated testing solution for the determination of mineral oils in food and food packaging.

Download your copy of the Guide to Testing today to ensure you keep up with all the latest developments in food and beverage testing.