Food Safety – Allergen controls and sustainability vs. safety

Discover Food Safety In-Depth Focus, featuring articles on allergen control, sustainability vs safety, and toxins in our food.

Welcome to the Food Safety In-depth Focus on Food Safety, which features insight from some of the foremost experts in the food and beverage sector on the most important issues facing our sector. 

Inside this issue’s food safety IDF, you can find: 

  • A roundtable discussion on whether the drive for sustainability is threatening the safety of food, including the complex relationship between the two objectives. Featuring contributions from Mars, Codex and UN WFP.
  • An inspiring read on a revolutionary allergen control strategy, where Dominic Jones of JP Restaurants introduces their new approach to allergen control that is both effective and welcoming to consumers. 
  • An illuminating look at toxins in our food from Rudi Krska, Chris Elliott and Mari Eskola, featuring risk assessments of hundreds of contaminants. 

This issue is essential reading for anyone who wants to stay up-to-date on the latest food safety trends and challenges.

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