The Food Integrity Report by New Food

Get a taste of Food Integrity Global 2023: Dive into expert insights on food safety, sustainability, and innovation. Download the Food Integrity Report now.

The latest of New Food’s industry reports acts as a preview to our flagship event taking place in October 2023: Food Integrity Global. 

Authors and indeed some speakers from the event have written pieces that discuss food safety, food authenticity, regulatory challenges as well as the battle to build a sustainable food system that can feed billions more people in the coming decades. 

  • Read Professor Chris Elliott’s powerful foreword on why integrity is such an important word in our food system 
  • Find out what role Mars thinks AI and innovative tech will play in keeping our food safe and making our supply chains more robust 
  • Why is transparency important when it comes to labelling food? Dr Olga Kagan investigates
  • Professor Erik Millstone analyses the continued fallout from Brexit and the regulatory headaches it is bringing for some 
  • Exciting start-up Olio explains how it is reducing food waste through its innovative platform 

Dive into the minds of renowned experts and visionary speakers as they pave the way for Food Integrity Global 2023 this October. Our exclusive industry report offers an early taste of the electrifying discussions awaiting you. Uncover the latest in food safety, authenticity, sustainability, and more. From Professor Chris Elliott’s compelling foreword to Dr. Olga Kagan’s exploration of transparency, this report is your key to unlocking the future of food integrity. Get ready to revolutionise your perspective – download now and gear up for an event that promises to reshape the way we think about food. 

If you found this report informative and engaging, then we have a special invitation for you. Join us at our upcoming event Food Integrity Global, where we dive deeper into the topics discussed here, providing a platform for stimulating conversations and networking opportunities. Experience first-hand the excitement of being part of a dynamic food & beverage community passionate about shaping the future of food integrity, safety, and sustainability.

Mark your calendar and be prepared to be inspired. We look forward to welcoming you to an unforgettable event that will leave you with valuable insights and a renewed enthusiasm for the subjects that matter most to you.

Food Integrity Global

17-18 October 2023

Topics covered include: Food safety, Diversity, Food fraud, Sustainability, Microbiology and Labelling

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