Baking supplement 2015

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In this supplement: Greg Woodhead discusses the challenges ahead for bakers, experts from Campden BRI explain the relevance of rheology on cereal products, and we preview the upcoming iba exhibition in Munich…

Baking supplement 2015

This Baking supplement is sponsored by AMP-Rose, Sandvik, Haas Food Equipment, Ammeraal Beltech and Berndorf Band.

  • The challenges ahead for bakers
    Greg Woodhead, New Product Development Manager, Bakels
    Anyone who works in the bakery industry could be forgiven for feeling like the industry is under siege, with many of the issues facing the modern food industry hitting bakery products hard. Sugar, salt and fat contents are all under focus by consumer groups and Government alike and there seems to be a consumer perception that bakery products are worse offenders than most. The Government has a new buzz word to approach healthier eating – ‘Nudge Theory’…
  • Why measure viscosity?
    Fred Gates, Bakery Process Engineer / Sarab Sabi, Ingredient Specialist / Gary Tucker, Head of Baking and Cereal Processing Department, Campden BRI
    The term rheology is used to describe the study of flow behaviour and covers both viscosity and elasticity. Viscosity is the resistance to deformation when a force is applied and arises from internal friction. The application of a force to a liquid introduces shear flow. Low viscosity, watery foods are described as ‘thin’, whereas high viscosity foods such as golden syrup are commonly described as ‘thick’. It is interesting to note that the viscosity of both water and golden syrup are independent of the shear rate, so these fluids are described as ‘Newtonian’. However, most foods demonstrate more complex flow behaviour. For example, soft solids such as wheat dough demonstrate viscoelasticity, combining fluid (viscous) flow with an elastic response. This article will explain the relevance of rheology to the processing and quality of foods, with a particular emphasis on cereal products…
  • iba show preview
    Twelve exhibition halls, over 1,200 exhibitors, and a multitude of innovations: from 12 -17 September 2015, bakers, confectioners, caterers, restaurateurs and the decision-makers of the food retailing industry will all come together at iba in Munich. At the world’s leading trade fair for bakery, confectionery and snacks they will learn about new products and ideas from all fields of the trade. Topics include: production technology, recycling, logistics, packaging, snacks and snack food production, new raw products, trends in fittings and furnishings for shops, marketing and sales concepts, and many inspirations for day-to-day business…

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