Food Safety – Rethinking recalls and mycotoxin analysis

Download our in-depth focus on food safety to get expert insight from two foremost food industry experts on mycotoxin analysis and product recalls.

We’re excited to offer our latest In-Depth Focus on Food Safety as part of Issue 1 2023 of New Food, featuring two insightful articles that shed light on important aspects of our food system. 

The first article, by Vanessa Coffman of STOP, highlights some of the key points made during a panel session at the Food Safety Conference and discusses what needs to change about the US recall system. 

Elsewhere,  Michele Suman of Barilla takes a look at how tandem mass spectrometry can be used  in the fight against mycotoxins in a fascinating insight.  

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  • Rethinking recalls 
  • Ensuring food safety with a tandem mass spectrometry approach for mycotoxin quantification