Plant-based NPD? Don’t jump the gun…

Faba bean protein is an ingredient that’s recently garnered much attention for its meat-comparable sensory attributes and in the ever-evolving plant-based market, brands are naturally keen to innovate. In their race to cater to consumer demands, however, colleagues from Campden BRI and plant-based food producer Upfield caution product developers to consider important safety and functionality factors first.

Having cemented itself as more than just a trend, there is no doubt that the plant-based boom is set to continue. In fact, according to The Vegan Society, the global plant-based food market is predicted to reach $74.2 billion by 2027.1

So, now is the time to develop products for this growing band of consumers. Developing plant‑based alternatives to animal-based foods often involves formulating products that can impart a similar taste and texture and faba bean protein is one of the rapidly emerging plant protein ingredients with these desirable properties.

Functionality, taste and colour are all decisive factors in developing an appealing product that consumers will love. This article highlights the important safety and functionality issues to consider before embarking on your NPD journey with a new ingredient.