Food Safety – microbial contamination, Brexit, CBD and gene editing

Expert insight into preventing microbial contamination, while the University of Sussex’s Erik Millstone looks at the impacts on food safety following the UK’s departure from the EU, plus so much more in this Food Safety supplement.

In this issue of our Food Safety In-depth Focus, we hear from Dr Martin Wiedmann, Dr Xiangyu Deng and Dr Gilbert Lamothe as they offer their insights into lowering the risk of microbial contamination in a comprehensive roundtable. We also hear from a Professor of Science Policy at the University of Sussex on how food safety has been influenced following the UK’s exit from the European Union in 2020. 

From Brexit to CBD, we receive an insightful summary of current regulations around CBD in the EU, UK and US from expert, Shomi Malik, and take a deep dive into the current science around its safety. While Co-founders of the strategic food consulting company FOCOS, Bert Popping and Carmen Diaz-Amigo, ask the question of ‘To GE or not to GE?’ as they assess the food safety concerns centred around gene editing technology.

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