Brewing & Beverages – producing and climate change challenges

In New Food’s latest Brewing & Beverage In-depth Focus we speak to James Howat of the Black Project and hear from wine expert Nenad Trifunovic of Wine&More.

Whilst you’ll see blanket bans on copper coolships and kettles in areas of Europe, did you know that in the United States have made an exception for copper because the Ph of the beer is high enough?

How about that Merlot is on the verge of extinction? 

Sound interesting….? Then you’ll love this issue of New Food’s Brewing & Beverages focus!

What to expect inside:

We take a look at Denver’s bustling brewing scene, as our Deputy Editor interviews Founder and Head Brewer at the Black Project, whilst Wine&More’s Director of Business Development and wine connoisseur tells us how the sector might adapt to the reality of desertification.