Food safety – climate change, contamination, DNA-based techniques and allergens

In this edition of our Food Safety In-depth Focus, we hear from Papa John’s and Chipotle on food safety culture, plus a roundtable of experts gather to discuss how we might curb one of the industry’s most dangerous threats.

August 2022’s focus on food safety brings you insight from a range of different experts, including representatives from Mars Inc., Stop Foodborne Illness, Queen’s University Belfast, the Association of Food and Drug Officials (AFDO), Eurofins Genomics, the University of Würzburg, BOKU, Papa John’s and many more!

  • Emerging global food safety challenges and how to address them
  • An interview with US non-profit Stop Foodborne Illness
  • Food safety culture – as done by Papa John’s and Chipotle 
  • Food allergies – are we at the crux?
  • How our food safety system needs to change, according to AFDO
  • Something you probably didn’t know about pine nuts
  • Roundtable: The increasing threat of mycotoxin contamination