Feeding chicken in a low-carbon world

Brian Kenyon, Senior Nutrition Manager, ABN on the vital role ABN is playing in outlining a structured roadmap towards a profitable, sustainable and low-carbon poultry industry based around performance and animal welfare.

As consumer attitudes change with more information in the public domain regarding food production, often driven to the point of overload from social media, the poultry industry has had to adapt. It is now at the start of a period of change with opportunity to meet the demands of feeding a growing global population in a new era of low‑carbon food production.

With the UK population estimated to reach 77 million by 2050, it is projected that chicken production will need to expand to meet the increased demand for protein products. Alongside this growing demand, consumers are also increasing pressure on retailers in terms of their animal welfare preferences and what they consider to be the right focus in terms of long-term sustainability.