Food Safety – pesticide MRLs, hygiene, Salmonella and food integrity…

The best tools for adhering to MRLs of pesticides in baby food, why a thorough understanding of the biology behind hygiene and sanitation is necessary at school, plus more in this issue’s Food Safety In-depth Focus.

In this edition of our Food Safety In-depth Focus we gather four industry figureheads to to discuss the biggest challenges emerging around food integrity. We also find out whether the death of home economics will be the death of us, as Reckitt Global Hygiene’s Director of Operations and Strategy argues an archaic approach could be dangerous. 

In this issue, find out about:

  • How triple quadrupole gas chromatograph-mass spectrometry can help adhere to MRLs of pesticides in baby food 
  • Roundtable: The biggest food safety and fraud challenges as told by the experts
  • Why we need to foster a proper understanding of the biology behind hygiene and sanitation at school
  • How do you like your eggs? Following a discussion around crisis management at Food Integrity, Andrew Joret discusses the standards the UK Lion scheme were founded upon