New Food Issue 3 2022

Issue 3 2022 of New Food invites three industry heavyweights to discuss food integrity in an insightful roundtable, whilst we find out from ABN the role feed will play in helping the meat sector be more sustainable. Download and read for free to stay up to date with the latest food and drink news and innovations!

In the latest issue, New Food asks the question – Are we being too harsh on meat? Inside you’ll find articles exploring the need for meat in certain communities, the role livestock can play in fighting forest fires, and how the sector is aiming to be more sustainable. 

Download Issue 3 2022 and find out about:

    Why we must all turn to sustainable palm oil
    The rules for doing business have changed with ESG
    In this issue, we examine how triple GC-MS can help you adhere to strict regulatory guidelines; whether our school curriculum is inviting food safety issues in; as well as hearing about one of the most successful food safety schemes in the UK ever. Plus more!
    Common microbial inhibitors, challenging food matrices and the importance of matrix verification 
  • MEAT
    Find out how can cattle prevent wildfires and get an important update on evolving border trade regulations; plus a look at low carbon feed with ABN and expert insight on balancing nutrition with sustainability
    We learn how the brain and nutrition are linked, and hear from the company which delivered Africa’s first cultured chicken
    New Food’s Joshua Minchin discusses inflation and gene-editing