Food safety – animal health, food fraud and microbial management

In this month’s Food Safety In-depth Focus, New Food gathers expert opinion on the importance of veterinary vaccinations, ways in which you can detect fraud and adulteration, and how one may improve their microbial management.

In this edition of New Food’s Food Safety In-depth Focus, we hear from Carel du Marchie Sarvaas from HealthforAnimals; Dr Stéphane Bayen of McGill University; Food Safety Microbiologist, François Bourdichon; and Miguel Angel Pardo from scientific and technological centre, ATZI.

Below, find a short snippet of what to expect as you leaf through the pages…

  • With trust in worldwide food systems at odds, Carel du Marchie Sarvaas explains how we might further improve quality standards with animal health innovations
  • Unscrupulous actors are flooding certain markets with fraudulent foodstuffs and honey is a major target. In this article, Dr Stéphane Bayen offers an update on robust honey testing
  • Are you blindly following regulation when it comes to microbial monitoring? François Bourdichon tells New Food readers how one can enhance their food safety systems by looking where it matters
  • With adulteration a key concern, manufacturers need to know their ingredients are genuine; Miguel Angel Pardo delves into the latest innovations behind mass sequencing to help prevent fraud.