Food Integrity sneak peek

As Food Integrity 2022 fast approaches, we offer you a sneak preview of what to expect at the five-day event.

Enjoy eight in-depth articles from a selection of our Food Integrity speakers around the world; topics include:

  • Reaching Net Zero
  • Food prices
  • The global impact of Brexit
  • Salt reduction
  • Data and digitisation 
  • Emerging allergens
  • What will we be eating in 2050?
  • Supply chain challenges 

As several of the articles in this supplement make reference to, we must find a way to feed billions more people inside the next few decades, while, at the same time, reducing our emissions and slowing the oncoming tide of climate change. 

This year feels very much like a fork in the road for the world, let alone the food and beverage industry, in terms of battling climate change. The decisions we make today will have ever lasting consequences for our future.

Be sure to tune in to the event on 21‑25 March (or watch on-demand for up to a year after the live stream) and be part of some of the discussions which might just shape the direction our industry – and world – is headed.