Behind every great pint is a great brewer

New Food’s Junior Editor finds out more about the intricacies of beer brewing from Tom Lucas of West Berkshire Brewery in an enlightening Q&A.

With summer in full swing, many will be enjoying a chilled pint, but behind every can, bottle and glass of beer is weeks, if not months, of hard work courtesy of an expert team of brewers.
After reading about the intricacies of whisky on page 36, you might be forgiven for thinking beer brewing is a case of throwing water, hops and malt together and waiting a few weeks for the results. But this could not be further from the truth. What is really going on is a delicate balancing act of flavour, colour and aroma, which usually requires multiple refinements after plenty of taste tests.

So what sets a beer apart from the rest? New Food interviewed Tom Lucas, Managing Director of West Berkshire Brewery, to learn more about the production process of the world’s favourite alcoholic drink and what makes for a great tasting beer.