Brazil to overtake US in meat export over next decade

16 August 2016  •  Author(s): Roy Manuell

Brazil is predicted to overtake the US with respect to its meat export according to a new government report.


Data released by the Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation in line with the Department for Agriculture, Livestock and Food Supply suggest that by 2025, meat production in Brazil will have increased by more than 30% resulting in 33.7 million tonnes in the next decade.

As a result, the Brazilian government has ordered the import of one million tonnes of corn from the US by October to cater for the increase.

This comes as an immediate result of the current interim government’s objective of bolstering poultry output. Consumption of chicken has exploded in Brazil over the past decade from 9.34 million tonnes in 2006 to 13.1 million tonnes in 2015.

Where do Brazil currently export to?

The principal export destinations at present for Brazil are China, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Mexico and the EU and it is predicted that the South American country will overtake the US over the next ten years.

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