DSM identifies lactose-free opportunities in emerging markets

30 June 2016  •  Author(s): Victoria White, Digital Content Producer

A report that is part of DSM’s Global Insight Series reveals that an overwhelming number of consumers of lactose-free dairy products in emerging markets say that their main purchase driver is the health appeal, and not lactose-intolerence.


The report is based on a consumer survey, comparing results in the mainstream low-lactose market in Finland, Colombia and China. In Colombia and China, the main driver for consumers to choose lactose-free dairy over regular dairy is for its perceived health benefits.

According to DSM’s report, in China and Colombia, 82% and 73%, respectively, of the consumers agree that lactose-free dairy is healthier than regular dairy. They also indicated that they would increase their consumption if low-lactose dairy was reduced in fat and sugar. Thus, understanding the specific health benefits of lactose-free dairy over regular dairy in upcoming markets can further drive product innovation and consumer interest.

Commenting on the findings of the report, Marten Paasman, global business line manager of dairy enzymes at DSM, said: “This report gives valuable insights into how lactose-free dairy products can be further developed and positioned, making the most of the wide array of positively perceived health benefits by consumers. As a leading supplier of enzymes for low lactose and lactose-free products, we have been working with customers all around the world to successfully innovate this category beyond lactose-intolerance. An opportunity that is particularly attractive to health-conscious consumers in emerging markets where the dairy market is evolving rapidly.”

DSM have created a video that details the findings of the report:

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