Nola Fit opens the door to lactose-free or sugar reduced yoghurts

29 June 2016  •  Author(s): Victoria White, Digital Content Producer

Chr. Hansen has launched Nola Fit – a unique new lactase enzyme which opens the door to lactose-free or sugar reduced yoghurts without compromising on taste.

nola fit

The enzyme solution allows dairy producers to reduce or remove lactose – or additionally reduce added sugar in yoghurt by at least 1g per 100g of yogurt without impacting the sweetness of the final product.

Lars Bredmose, Senior Director, Fresh Dairy, Chr. Hansen, explained more: “With Nola Fit the door is open for lactose intolerant consumers to enjoy the goodness of yogurt and other fermented milk products. It breaks down the lactose to glucose and galactose, which additionally results in a naturally sweeter yoghurt. It works wonders when applied together with the right yogurt culture.”

High activity at low pH

“The enabling trigger of Nola Fit lies in the enzyme’s high activity at low pH, compared to traditional lactase offerings on the market,” he elaborates. “As powerful as this new offering is, it is beneficial to the quality of the final product to combine Nola Fit with the right yoghurt culture. This is where we offer our long experience in cultures and enzymes application to make simple, efficient and working solutions in the fermented milk space.”

Chr. Hansen says Nola Fit is also particularly suitable for premium lactose free milks, fermented milks and reduced sugar fermented milk. High specific activity and low side activities make this enzyme work efficiently and free from off flavours associated with other types of enzymes. This is especially crucial for UHT (ultra-heat treated) and ESL (extended shelf life) milk. 
The company says the combination of Nola Fit’s high specificity and low side activities also makes it a perfect match for reducing sugar in shelf stable or fresh flavoured milk products.

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