Langham Brewery picked to pilot new quality standard for brewing industry

21 July 2015  •  Author(s): Victoria White

Langham Brewery, working alongside industry experts Food Safety Assist, was hand-picked by SALSA to trial the new standard prior to its launch.


In the early 2000s there were around 500 breweries operating in the UK, that figure has now risen to over 1400 according to the British Beer and Pub Association. The new SALSA plus Beer module has been written by Cask Marque experts, alongside SALSA, in response to this substantial growth, creating a standard that focuses on compliance for small and micro-breweries.  

The new module, launched on the 30th of June, will allow small breweries and bottlers across the UK to follow a dedicated standard that gives confidence to customers and retailers that their beer is safe, and more importantly, of excellent quality.

The scheme was piloted at four sites, one of which was Award-Winning Langham Brewery in Sussex. Langham worked alongside Brian Humphreys, director of Food Safety Assist, who helped review the module prior to release.  He mentored Lesley, James and the team at Langham through the trial of the new module and the results were very positive.

New standard has improved Langham’s business process and workflow

Lesley Foulkes at Langham has said, “Brian was the perfect choice to guide us through the process, both because of his technical experience and his role within the development of the new Plus Beer Module. SALSA plus Beer has improved our business process and workflow and given us a greater confidence and pride in what we do. But more importantly, it gives our customers and potential customers a product which they can trust and whose quality they can promote with confidence.”

Brian was eager for Langham to trial the standard because of their long-standing dedication to quality and the unique feedback they would be able to provide to ensure the new module was perfectly tailored for craft brewers.

Sally Ball, SALSA Scheme Manager says. “We’ve been aware for some time that this sector needed a dedicated Standard and the results of the pilot are so positive. We hope other small breweries will take full advantage of the strong support structure offered by SALSA to see them through SALSA plus Beer.”

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