Åke Hantoft re-elected as chairman of Arla Foods amba

22 May 2015  •  Author(s): Victoria White

Åke Hantoft has been re-elected as chairman of Arla Foods amba.

Åke Hantoft

Åke Hantoft, Chairman of the Board, Arla

Jan Toft Nørgaard was re-elected as vice chairman. The board has been slimmed down by three members for the next term of office.

The election to Arla Foods amba’s Board of Directors was confirmed at the Board of Representatives meeting in Halmstad, Sweden on May 20-21. The Board of Directors subsequently re-elected Åke Hantoft as chairman and Jan Toft Nørgaard as vice chairman.

Åke Hantoft

Jan Toft Nørgaard, Member of the Board, Arla Foods

For the coming two years, Arla’s Board of Directors will consist of 15 farmers and three employee representatives; a total of 18 members. This number is fewer than in the last term, when new board members were appointed as a result of the cooperative mergers.

The reduction in seats means that the United Kingdom and Central Europe each lose one seat on the Board of Directors. Consequently, Peter Winstone (Arla Milk Link, UK) and Patrick Krings (MUH Arla, Central Europe) have stood down. The number of employee representatives on the Board has been reduced from four to three, and consequently Oliver Brandes (Central Europe) has stood down.

The only new member to join the Board after this election is Håkan Gillström, one of Arla’s employee representatives. He replaces Leif Eriksson, who did not seek re-election.

Arla’s Board of Directors 2015-2017:

Åke Hantoft (elected by farmers in Sweden)
Jan Toft Nørgaard (elected by farmers in Denmark)
Bjørn Jepsen (elected by farmers in Denmark)
Hélene Gunnarson (elected by farmers in Sweden)
Johnnie Russell (elected by farmers in the United Kingdom)
Jonathan Ovens (elected by farmers in the United Kingdom)
Jonas Carlgren (elected by farmers in Sweden)
Manfred Graff (elected by farmers in Central Europe)
Manfred Sievers (elected by farmers in Central Europe)
Mathieu Dobbelstein (elected by farmers in Central Europe)
Palle Borgström (elected by farmers in Sweden)
Steen Nørgaard Madsen (elected by farmers in Denmark)
Thomas Johansen (elected by farmers in Denmark)
Torben Myrup (elected by farmers in Denmark)
Viggo Ø. Bloch (elected by farmers in Denmark)

Håkan Gillström (employee representative)
Ib Bjerglund Nielsen (employee representative)
Harry Shaw (employee representative)

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