Having their gluten-free cake and eating it – Edme supports Coeliac Awareness Week

20 May 2015  •  Author(s): Victoria White

Wholegrain ingredient producers, Edme showed their support for Coeliac Awareness Week last week with a gift of gluten-free cakes and biscuits.

Jill Richardson (l) and Emma Pitt-Steele (r) from Ipswich Coeliac Group with Edme’s technical baker Richard Ball

Jill Richardson (l) and Emma Pitt-Steele (r) from Ipswich Coeliac Group with Edme’s technical baker Richard Ball

The treats were presented to the Ipswich Coeliac UK Group for its AGM, just in advance of the Week.

Edme installed a new state of the art gluten-free mill earlier this year.  It produces top quality flour from cereals and pulses. These are supplied into the bakery and food industries for use in bread, cakes, pastries, pizzas, batters and sauces – to name but a few.

Rice, amaranth and fava bean are just some of the flours that can be produced at Edme’s new gluten-free mill

“Sales of gluten and wheat free products rose 15% in 2014,” says James Smith, sales director at Edme. “Bakers and food manufacturers want to supply gluten-free food with better texture, taste and nutritional value. So they’re always looking for new ingredients – and of course want highest possible quality – for processing and functional reasons as well as impact on end product.

“The consistency and quality of flours our new gluten-free mill can produce will help them.  And the range we can make is enormous – anything from rice, maize and sorghum to amaranth, chickpea, fava bean and linseed. Since we specialise in ingredients with high nutritional values, we can offer advice and support to bakers and food producers who are branching into gluten-free. This in turn will improve the choice of food on the shelves for people avoiding wheat and gluten.”

Coeliac disease affects sufferers for life, and the only treatment available is to adopt a gluten-free diet.  James says that Coeliac UK does a great job, and that the local branches play a hugely important role in raising awareness as well as offering support to those with the condition.

“We’re delighted to be building relationships with the Colchester and Ipswich branches and are pleased the cakes and cookies went down well at the AGM. It was our way of giving a shout-out for Coeliac Awareness Week.”

Jill Richardson, representative of the Ipswich Coeliac UK Group, expressed her thanks on behalf of the Ipswich Coeliac UK Group for Edme’s support and generosity, “On behalf of the Ipswich Coeliac group I would like to thank Edme, especially Richard Ball, their technical baker, for making and supplying the delicious cakes for our AGM. They were a treat for us all – and it shows what can be done with the right ingredients!”

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