Application note: Mycotoxins – Fully automated Edible Oil analysis

Automated liquid extraction, clean-up and LC-MS/MS determination of mycotoxins in edible oil, including accurate transfer of oil samples.

Manual transfer of viscous liquid samples, such as edible oils, poses a challenge. Automating the accurate transfer of such liquids can help improve the quality of the analytical procedure and of the resulting data, while freeing the analyst from performing a tedious manual task. A robotic autosampler commonly used for GC/MS and LC/MS can perform a wide variety of sample preparation techniques including accurate transfer of viscous liquid samples using a new heated liquid syringe tool. An analytical balance can be added to provide weight verification of liquid transfers. The performance is examined herein and resulting weight verification data presented along with data that demonstrate completely automated extraction, centrifugation, solvent exchange and determination of mycotoxins in the reconstituted extract of edible oils by LC-MS/MS. A single automated analysis setup was used under integrated software control.