Analysis of beverage samples using thin film solid phase microextraction (TF-SPME) and thermal desorption GC/MS

Brand name alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages are unique; each aroma and flavor profile is composed from a wide range of volatile and semi-volatile flavor compounds…

To protect the brand, consistent product quality must be ensured. Reliable routine monitoring of such a complex matrix can pose an analytical challenge,  even more so when off-flavours must be determined at ultra-low concentrations.

Thin Film Solid Phase Micro-Extraction (TF-SPME) is an extension of regular SPME. The increased surface area and phase volume result in improved analyte recovery and significantly improved sensitivity and accuracy. TF-SPME is simple, requires little or no solvent, and encompasses a wide range of analyte concentrations, polarities, and functional groups.

TF-SPME can be performed in headspace or immersion mode followed by automated thermal desorption GC/MS. The work presented here demonstrates the application of TF-SPME to the determination of aroma and flavour components in various beverages.