Comprehensive smoothie flavor analysis using SBSE-GC/MS

By combining Stir Bar Sorptive Extraction (SBSE) and Solvent-Assisted (SA)-SBSE with LVI-GC/MS, a full range of Beverage flavors can be determined…

Standard (SBSE) and Solvent-Assisted (SA-SBSE) Stir Bar Sorptive Extraction were both applied for profiling of flavor compounds in a matrix-heavy beverage (Smoothie). Unlike standard SBSE, SA-SBSE uses a solvent-swollen polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) stir bar for extraction and enhanced recovery of polar compounds. After extraction, compounds were recovered from both stir bars by liquid desorption followed by Large Volume Injection (LVI)-GC-MS analysis. Each sample was analysed in two consecutive runs.

The extra solvent dimension in SA-SBSE allows detection of more polar compounds, but the increased response of these compounds can sometimes obscure compounds which are more readily detected by standard SBSE. A common set of compounds was detected by both SBSE and SA-SBSE, while each technique yielded a distinct and unique set of compounds. This additional interpretation complexity was simplified by relying on both mass spectrometric (MS) and retention index (RI) information for compound detection.