Application note: Rapid rinse & shoot, screening workflow of pesticides in fruit by GC/MSD in 6 minutes

The Intuvo 9000/5977B GC/MSD system enables rapid screening for pesticides and other contaminants found on the surface of fruits and berries

The Agilent Intuvo 9000/5977B GC/MSD system enabled a fast screening workflow for residual pesticides present on the surface of fruits. This method used a GC oven with direct heating technology and MS spectral deconvolution. Residual pesticides were rinsed from the tested commodity surface with acetone. The rinsate was collected and injected into the GC/MSD system. The direct heating oven allowed a very high temperature program rate (250 °C/min) to complete the GC/MS analysis in 3.4 minutes. Spectral deconvolution coupled with the library search algorithm and time-filtering using retention indices resulted in rapid and confident identification of residual pesticides present on the fruit. The NIST 17 spectral library, other commercially available libraries, and user created libraries can be used for compound identification.