Application note: Trust your results in mineral oil analysis

Learn how LECO’s LC-GC×GCTOFMS/FID technology has been used in combination with a new ChromaTOF® brand software version for MOSH/MOAH determination.

Mineral Oil Hydrocarbons (MOH) have become a hot topic in several fields such as food, packaging, and cosmetics. Several large scandals have emerged over the past few years on MOH contamination; the most recent was in October 2019, when MOH contamination was found in infant formula. Although there is a largely used method for analysing MOH the question about the reliability of the data produced employing this technique is still open and feeds constantly the debate regarding the requirement for more accurate, robust, and reliable methods. Our latest Application Note describes a novel workflow which supports the reduction of the uncertainty related to data integration and interpretation, resulting in reliable and robust results. Learn more about the comparison of quantitative data obtained by LC-GC-FID and LC-GC×GC-TOFMS/FID and enhance your reliability for MOSH/MOAH analysis with LECO’s Pegasus® BT 4D.