Application Note: Sniff & Trap fractionation and ODP Performance Checkout

GC-MS/O analysis using Sniff & Trap enables concentration of unknown compounds in the ODP for further analysis. An ODP checkout procedure is presented

To study fragrances or flavours in food and beverages, sensory analysis using human assessors is essential. The odour character of a compound cannot be deduced from its chemical or physical properties. To correctly determine the odour character of each compound in the fragrance or flavour mixture, GC-MS/O is often employed to determine aroma compounds simultaneously by GC-MS and by a human assessor at the Olfactory Detection Port.

Instead of sniffing eluting compounds at the ODP, they can be trapped and stored on an adsorbent tube. Such a function can be useful for a variety of purposes: (1) to keep the trapped compound or fraction for later sensory evaluation; (2) to perform multiple collections of the same compound(s) over a series of GC runs for subsequent enhanced detection, MS identification or sensory perception at the ODP; (3) to re-inject the trapped compounds onto a column with different polarity (also known as offline GC-heartcutting); (4) Selective trapping of certain fractions of the chromatogram to study synergy effects.

Use of the ODP 4 fitted with adsorbent tube adaptor is studied in this application note and the trapping efficiency determined.

A new performance checkout procedure for the ODP 4 is described and carried out.