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Application Note: Automated Extraction of Vitamins in Infant Formula

Posted: 30 April 2021 | | No comments yet

Vitamins in infant formula: Automated extraction and HPLC determination as per methods AOAC 2012.09 and AOAC 2015.09 with precision and accuracy data

This Application Note describes a solution for fully automated liquid extraction and HPLC determination of vitamins in infant formula. The solution is based on the AOAC 2012.09 and AOAC 2015.09 methods, readily automated using the GERSTEL MPS roboticPRO sampler.

The GERSTEL MPS robotic sampler can efficiently extract infant formula samples using the quickMIX centrifuge options and can be used to inject the resulting extracts into the HPLC system for complete automation of the entire infant formula analysis. Vitamins K1, A, and E extraction and determination from infant formula using the automated method proved to be accurate and precise. Accuracy data averaged 99.3% (range: 96.2% – 101%) and precision data averaged 1.24%RSD (range: 0.800% – 2.10%) for all vitamins in powdered infant formula. Accuracy data averaged 99.2% (range: 97.5% – 101%) and precision data averaged 1.14%RSD (range: 0.700% – 2.10%) for all vitamins in reconstituted infant formula.


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