Application note: Off-odors in packaging by Thin Film(TF)-SPME-TD-GC-MS/O

Off odors in paper products are determined by solvent-free Thin Film(TF)-SPME coupled with automated TD-GC-MS/O combining MS and olfactory detection.

Packaging material for food or beverages is routinely monitored for off odors that may be passed on to the product. Analysis may also be urgently required following off flavor or odor incidents and complaints. Off flavors can be caused by a large number of compounds spanning a wide range of concentrations, polarities, and functional groups, complicating the analysis. Techniques, such as TF-SPME which are simple, use little or no solvent and encompass a wide range of analytes are desirable. Olfactory Detection in parallel with GC/MS analysis is an essential and powerful tool for finding and identifying the compounds causing the off odor. This work demonstrates the determination of off odors in paper material used in packaging for consumer goods.