Application note: Automating matrix matched pesticide standard generation

Automated preparation of matrix matched pesticide calibration standards in QuEChERS food extracts combined with filtration and LC/MS analysis.

Preparation of calibration standards and QC samples is part of the daily activities of laboratories that analyse food samples for contaminants. In this work, matrix matched calibration standards were prepared automatically by a robotic autosampler commonly used for sample introduction in GC/MS or LC/MS. The resulting precision and accuracy data from calibration curves and QC sample analysis in example food commodities are provided. Accuracy and precision for QC samples were found to be: 97.4 % and 4.25 % (Apples), 100 % and 8.4 % (Pears), 97.7 % and 3.96 % (Sweet Potatoes), 95.7 % and 3.59 % (Green Beans), 98.2 % and 2.79 % (Carrots), (96.8 % and 3.34 % (Beef) and 97.6 % and 4.31 % (Turkey). Data is provided showing the use of an automated filtration option that enables completely automated preparation of QuEChERS derived food extracts with subsequent analysis by LC/MS/MS.