Feeding the future: sustainable innovations and strategies in the F&B sector

Join us for this webinar, where New Food will be bringing together industry and NGOs to consider how we can harness the resources and expertise of food and beverage manufacturers and retailers effectively to ensure that we create a smarter, greener food system.

The food and beverage sector is increasingly prioritising sustainability, driven by consumer demand and environmental concerns. Companies are adopting practices like sourcing locally, reducing food waste and exploring alternative packaging. While progress is evident, challenges remain in achieving widespread sustainability across supply chains and addressing issues like deforestation and water usage.

Watch this on-demand webinar, where New Food brings together industry and NGOs to consider how we can harness the resources and expertise of food and beverage manufacturers and retailers effectively to ensure that we create a smarter food system. Leading industry experts also explored innovative practices and collaborative approaches that can drive sustainable change in the food industry, aiming for a future where environmental impact and food production are working in harmony.

Topics of discussion:

  • Food redistribution
  • Food waste
  • COP28
  • Environment
  • Diet.

Key learning points

  • Understand how consumer preferences for sustainable products are reshaping the food and beverage sector, influencing everything from sourcing practices to packaging choices
  • Explore strategies for enhancing sustainability across the entire supply chain, including sourcing ingredients responsibly, reducing emissions and minimising food waste
  • Learn about innovative packaging solutions aimed at reducing environmental impact, such as biodegradable materials, reusable containers and compostable packaging
  • Discover the importance of collaboration among stakeholders – including businesses, governments, NGOs and consumers – to drive meaningful change and address complex sustainability challenges in the food and beverage industry.


Marina Suárez, GFM Trials Manager at Sustainable Food Trust

Marina Marina leads the Global Farm Metric UK trials at the Sustainable Food Trust. Assessing farm sustainability across various aspects, she supports the shift towards more sustainable practices. Previously a chef, Marina’s passion for food’s impact on the planet led her to this role. She believes agriculture is key to addressing environmental challenges and fosters a deeper understanding of food’s origins for a sustainable future.

Alexandra Mason, Head of Key Accounts at Too Good To Go

Alex headshotAlex joined Too Good To Go during the pandemic’s peak, leading the food-to-go team’s fight against food waste. Since June 2022, she’s been the Head of Key Accounts, building and strengthening partnerships with over 130 national chains to rescue surplus food and divert it from landfills.

Prior to her mission at Too Good To Go, Alex spent 3 years at Deliveroo, honing her national account skills. But it all started in fashion, where a growing passion for sustainability made her confront the industry’s environmental and social impact. Now, Alex leverages her experience to create a positive impact on a massive scale.

Andrea Camacho, Sustainability Manager at Luker Chocolate 

NF Webinar speaker

Andrea Camacho is an Industrial Designer with over eight years of experience in sustainability. She has a certification in Business Sustainability Management, a major in industrial design, and a MSc in Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship. She currently serves as the Sustainability Manager at Luker Chocolate, keen on further exploring the social, environmental, and economic impacts throughout the cocoa supply chain to gather viable, sustainable, and innovative solutions.