Metal detection or X-ray inspection: which is right for your application?

Metal detection or X-ray inspection – which is right for food safety? Join this webinar to learn about each technology, their its respective capabilities and limitations and discover where and why on your line either may be the preferred choice and why..

Metal detection and X-ray inspection are frequently deployed at different points of the production process to help ensure food safety and quality. It is not uncommon to find both technologies on a product line at different points of the process. This webinar will provide comparative information about these foreign object detection technologies and their respective capabilities, helping to inform what may be most appropriate for your individual product, packaging and processing requirements.

Key learning points:

  • Learn about each technology, their respective capabilities and limitations
  • Discover where and why on your line either may be the preferred choice for each technology
  • Explore options from general-purpose to highly specialised.


Kim DurkotKim Durkot

Field Marketing Manager, Product Inspection

Kim joined Thermo Fisher Scientific in November 2021 as Field Marketing Manager for the Product Inspection business. Kim brings experience in both upstream and downstream marketing. In her previous role as Product Marketing Manager, she collaborated closely with customers to ensure key market requirements were clearly defined and validated to Engineering throughout the product development process. Kim has a BS in Marketing from Eastern Illinois University and an MBA from the Olivet Nazarene University.