Less work, better peaks.

Are strong solvent effects after QuEChERS a challenge in your LC or LC/MS analysis? Agilent Feed Injection offers a solution. Learn more about this technology and application examples from food safety in this webinar.

In recent years, QuEChERS has greatly simplified sample preparation in food safety analysis. However, downstream of QuEChERS, a strong solvent sample can cause strong solvent effects in LC and LC/MS analysis, leading to peak breakthrough and poor peak shapes, especially as the injection volume increases.

Agilent Feed Injection offers a solution to this challenge. The technique mediates the strong solvent effects by infusing the sample into the mobile phase stream. This allows you to achieve perfect peak shapes and easy peak integration without the need for additional sample preparation. Join this webinar for a comprehensive introduction to Agilent Feed Injection from Dr. Juan Liang-Schenkelberg, Product Manager, and Dr. Edgar Naegele, Application Scientist, from Agilent. The presentation is complemented by application examples from the field of food safety analysis.

Learning points:

  • Learn about common challenges in LC and LC/MS analysis following QuEChERS.
  • Learn about Agilent Feed Injection technology and how it helps overcome these challenges.
  • Discuss application examples from the field of food safety analysis with our expert speakers.


Dr. Juan Liang-SchenkelbergDr. Juan Liang-Schenkelberg

Strategic Product Manager at Agilent Technologies

Juan Liang-Schenkelberg holds a PhD in biochemical engineering from the Hamburg University of Technology (TUHH)

in Germany. Juan joined Agilent Technologies in 2016 as Product Mana

ger of analytical HPLC. She is currently responsible for high-end UHPLC systems and for the food segment.


Dr. Edgar Naegele

Dr. Edgar Naegele

Application Scientist at Agilent Technologies


Edgar Naegele holds a PhD in organic chemistry from the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) in Germany. Edgar joined Agilent Technologies in 2001 as an Application Scientist for LC and MS. Edgar is currently focused on the application of online LC and the new Agilent 1260 Infinity II Hybrid Multisampler in the pharmaceutical and food industries.