Are you thinking about plastic contamination?

This webinar will assess the role, contamination and testing of plastics in the food and beverage industry.

Most often, the food industry’s main concern is around the quality and testing of their food products.

Testing for metal contamination, pesticides and other harmful residues is often well discussed and debated but there remains a lesser-known hazard – the potential for plastic contamination.

In this interactive webinar, we will examine the many roles plastic plays in our food and beverage products, discussing the ways in which this material can present challenges and how one can address this issue.

As part of this, we’ll look at the methods for sample preparation and analysis to help streamline testing into a more efficient process.

Key learning objectives:

  • Recognise the different plastic types and understand their potential for cross-contamination or leaching into different food items.
  • Explore the optimal methods for sample selection and preparation for testing to maximise results
  • Learn about the methods for analyses and how to optimise testing with simple laboratory tips and upgraded processes.


Patricia AtkinsPatricia Atkins, Senior Applications Scientist, Spex, an Antylia Scientific company

Patricia Atkins is a Senior Applications Scientist.  She is a graduate of Rutgers University in NJ and was laboratory supervisor for Ciba Specialty Chemicals in the Water Treatment Division. Patricia later accepted a position conducting research and managing an air pollution research group within Rutgers University’s Civil & Environmental Engineering Department. In 2008, Patricia joined Spex as a senior application scientist in our certified reference material’s division and spends her time researching industry trends and developing new reference materials. 

Patricia has been involved with many industry-focused advisory & regulatory groups including AOAC, ASTM, ACIL, NACRW and the Emerald Conference.  She is a frequent presenter and speaker at numerous conferences including NACRW, NEMC, Pittcon and AOAC and published author with her work appearing in various journals and trade publications including Spectroscopy, LCGC and Cannabis Science and Technology where she is a columnist for analytical issues in cannabis testing.