How training technology helps engage & retain frontline workers in the food industry

This free webinar will show you training tips and techniques to attract, develop and retain valuable workers.

Advancements in technology often help us to be more efficient and effective. This rings true when applied to employee training, especially as food manufacturers focus on retaining their workforces, keeping them safe and maximizing their potential.

So how can technology help manufacturers when a recent study by Deloitte found 77 percent expect to have ongoing struggles hiring and retaining their workforces now and into the future? With the right resources, training technology can play a significant role in attracting new employees, efficiently onboarding them, promoting ongoing engagement and development and building strong safety cultures.

Join this webinar led by the manufacturing industry’s leading training experts, Intertek Alchemy, to learn how training technology can help:

Key learning objectives:

  • Meet the needs of a multi-generational workforce
  • Strengthen engagement between employees and leaders
  • Support business initiatives for the long-term.


Matthew CorstonMatthew Corston, Senior Account Executive, Intertek Alchemy

Matthew Corston has been in the business of helping clients achieve their potential for the last 28 years at industry-leading companies, such as Intertek, Johnson Controls, UTC and ADP.

He recently joined the Intertek Alchemy team to help food manufacturers and processors combat the great resignation by improving employee engagement with technology-driven training programmes.