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Insights from Finland’s top dairy

11 August 2006 | By Tanja Virtanen-Leppä, Packaging Development Manager at Valio Ltd

With the multitude of products on today’s supermarket shelves, there is increasing pressure among manufacturers to set themselves apart in the eyes of the consumer. Packaging has the crucial task of making that all-important first impression, which can mean the difference between a sale or not. It must be attractive…


Inspiring dairy technology

23 May 2006 | By Mr Ollie Tossavainen, Research Manager, Valio Ltd, Finland

In April 2006 Valio won a Gold European FoodTec Award at Anuga Foodtec for their lactose-free milk technology, used to process such products as Valio Lactose free milk drink, Emmi Lactose free milk drink and Kaiku Lactose free milk drink.The technology completely eliminates lactose from milk without affecting the taste…