HEINEKEN announces its new corporate visual identity

Posted: 19 September 2011 | Heineken

HEINEKEN launch a new global company visual identity that reflects the significant transformation of the HEINEKEN business…

Heineken logo

HEINEKEN today announced the launch of a new global company visual identity that reflects the significant transformation of the HEINEKEN business over the past decade.

At the heart of the new company identity is a re-designed HEINEKEN name, appearing in capital letters, complemented by a red spark to represent the spirit and energy of the company’s more than 70,000 employees worldwide. The logo will appear on all corporate publications, printed materials, the corporate website ( and will be used in some capacity by the majority of its operating companies worldwide.

The visual identity and design of the iconic Heineken beer brand remains unchanged.

“HEINEKEN has evolved significantly during the past ten years. Today, our company has the most global footprint of any brewer, we have a portfolio of more than 250 beer and cider brands and we employ more than 70,000 people. The new identity differentiates the company from the Heineken brand. In doing so it better reflects who we are today and the company we aim to be tomorrow,” said Jean-François van Boxmeer, Chairman of the Executive Board and CEO.

From today the HEINEKEN company name will always use capital letters. This helps to distinguish the corporate name from the company’s iconic beer brand. It is also the way the company name was originally written when HEINEKEN was founded in 1864, reinforcing the strength of the company and reflecting its long history. The new identity pays respect to the Heineken brand and heritage, whilst at the same time creating a distinct new identity for the company.

The new visual identity will be rolled out internationally starting in October 2011.

Amsterdam-based branding and design agency VBAT developed the new visual identity for the company.

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