Richard Zaltzman – CEO, EIT Food

Posted: 2 February 2024 |

Richard Zaltzman is the Chief Executive Officer of EIT Food.

Richard Zaltzman

Richard Zaltzman is an experienced board member and executive with a proven track record of business transformation and leadership through innovation, focussed on addressing the global challenges we face today.   For the past five years, Richard has held different roles in the European innovation arena, and is now Chief Executive of EIT Food, Europe’s largest food innovation community.

Creating a sustainable future is foundational to Richard’s work.  He has studied and worked on the complex systemic issues which need to be tackled if we are to achieve a sustainable future for people and the planet, and his work at EIT Food is focussed on bringing innovation to tackle the environmental and societal challenges at the heart of the food system.

Richard also has had a long career in the technology sector, including 10 years with Microsoft, developing a deep understanding of the importance of technology enabled change and fast-paced innovation.  He has worked closely with start-ups as an Accelerator mentor, run his own business, and is on the board of Sussex University in the UK.