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Stop Fake Food (SFF) is offering a genuinely innovative approach to addressing the problems of food and beverage counterfeiting. By combining the newest scientific achievements in Raman Spectroscopy, Artificial Intelligence engineering and an underlying Blockchain infrastructure, SFF is creating a new type of research service for food product authentication and composition analysis.

The method developed by SFF enables mass application of Raman Spectrometry for rapid, non-invasive and on-the-spot analysis of questionable food products or beverages. SFF utilizes AI technologies (machine learning and neural networks) for spectral data analysis in order to determine the authenticity and/or composition of scanned food products. SFF is able to provide results at laboratory-level reliability, in a matter of minutes, at high throughput and at significantly lower costs than conventional research methods.

The food product analysis solutions developed by SFF are highly flexible and can be implemented to identify various food products or beverages at different stages of the food supply chain.