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We, Genesystem are biotech engineering company specializing in instrumentation of molecular diagnostics devices. We develop and market state-of-the-art PCR instruments as well as related reagents and microfluidic devices which are designed to enhance the health of human societies and ultimately improve the quality of human life. Application fields that we target include human and animal disease diagnostics, food and agricultural product analysis (GMO), environment analysis, cell analysis and life science research activities. Ongoing research and development efforts of Genesystem in accordance with its future-oriented milestone will lead to the launch of variety of innovative products led by GENECHECKER™ series of PCR instruments. We are also open for customized engineering services for the clients in biotechnology industry. We assure our clients that our engineering expertise and know-how would create greater values for our client’s application. We are taking big strides to realize our goal and vision for becoming a global leader for biotech engineering market and contributing to human society for better world.